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We connect
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Here’re just a few of the
projects we’re proud of:

2 × Apple
Editor’s Choice
Top 10
Paid App in the US
World Clock allows you to quickly convert time, add calendar events or change timezones with a single motion 

Chat Center is instant, universal chat for everyone on the planet — no app required 

Chat Center for Apple Watch empowers businesses to respond to customer inquiries within that critical first-minute window. 

24 Hours reinvents the world clock, eliminating visual clutter while displaying multiple time zones at a glance 

Accordéon was featured by Steve Jobs in his iPad 1 keynote was noted in both Apple’s iPhone 5s keynote and iOS Tech Talks as an example of a beautiful iOS 7 re-design 

Apple Watch UI Kit. A gift from Minimum to anyone who wants to prototype, design and build an Apple Watch App. Available to download for free 

We help startups, brands and agencies create mobile apps people actually use —
over, and over, and over.

Here’s how we can help:

We believe that a good product simplifies an existing behavior instead of forcing a new one, and that design is only beautiful when it works.

Process makes perfect.
Here’s ours:

Read more about our design process 

Check out our deliverables [5.1

and see how we work

From early-stage startups to major brands, we’ve helped businesses around the world to innovate and impress.
  • Designed the 1st version of Domino’s iPhone app, increasing UK online sales 70% and generating £1M in sales in just 3 months.

  • Designed & developed the Humtap iOS app, where users can make music with a simple hum or tap.

  • Designed an iOS app for the “It’s Miller Time” advertising campaign in the UK.

  • Created UI for Android and Blackberry versions of the taxi booking service Gett.

  • Created the information architecture, interaction and visual design for iOS, Android and Web apps.

  • Designed the user interface for the 21st Century Insurance iPhone app.

Here’s what our clients are saying Here’s what our clients are saying
They delivered a functioning and beautiful iOS prototype 6 weeks ahead of schedule, which is unheard of for outsourced dev/design shops. These guys are like the Navy SEALs of building beta apps.
Michael Park
CEO and CoFounder at LipSync
Under the leadership of Alex Komarov, his team was able to understand and share vision of our technology and the intricacies of secure communication. Working in tandem with our team, they developed extensive documentation and incredible designs.
Gary Baiton
CEO and Founder of Runi, Partner at New League Capital
The client would work with Komarov Mobile in the future and would recommend Komarov Mobile to others. I think they’ve been instrumental in guiding the project to market, and giving it a better change of being successful.
Man Seth
Founder/CEO, Marketing and e-commerce Platform

Over 10 years of experience — and we’re only getting started.

Nikita Yermolayev

Co-Founder, User Experience and
Interaction Design

Alex Komarov

Co-Founder, Product and UX

Nikita Yermolayev

Co-Founder, User Experience
and Interaction Design

Alex Komarov

Co-Founder, Product
and UX Strategy

We’re a tight-knit team who’ve worked together so long we can finish each other’s sentences. With deep and balanced experience in the technical, visual and behavioral elements of design, 4 designers and 3 developers are ready to partner with you seamlessly from concept to launch.

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